Santa Cristina




Relax & Massages

Thanks to a soft, slow and deep touch, it promotes relaxation and psychophysical rebalancing. Its extremely gentle and light approach gradually helps to dissolve stress-related tensions, to decontract muscle tissue and detoxify the body. The resulting deep relaxation makes this massage warm and welcoming like a soft embrace. (50 min.) € 75.00 (25 min) € 40.00

A suggestive candlelit massage, with dense and fragrant warm oils of special massage candles, created to give a feeling of deep relaxation. (50 min.) € 75.00

An alternation of touches and pressure on the whole foot which, by acting in the reflex areas, transmits well-being to the whole body, rebalancing it. (25 min.) € 50.00

From the Greek Olos, meaning Everything, it expertly combines all the techniques known by the operator, who takes care of the whole body, to create a personalized and unique treatment for each client. (75 min.) € 95.00

A holistic massage where stones of volcanic origin transmit a gentle heat to the key points of the body, preparing for an even more intense and relaxing massage. (75 min.) € 95.00

From the Ayurvedic tradition, the ancient “Science of Life”, a warm and enveloping art of massage that evokes exotic atmospheres and sensations. (50 min.) € 80.00

Physiotherapeutic massage of a decontracting nature, classically indicated after a hot thermal therapy. (50 min.) € 75.00

Shiatsu can also be practiced in clothes; no oils are used, but the palms of the hands, elbows and especially the thumbs to rebalance the energy in the meridians through pressure on the various parts of the body. (25 min.) € 40.00 (50 min.) € 75.00

Rhythmic and delicate manual technique that favors the flow of lymph in all tissues of the body, working without oils and creams. It helps to reduce swelling in the case of edema (or accumulation of liquids), and to remove waste substances from the body. Particularly indicated in the presence of PEFS (cellulite). (50 min.) € 75.00

Massage that promotes both venous and lymphatic peripheral microcirculation of the lower limbs and at the same time relieves and loosens muscle tension in the cervico-back-lumbar area. (50 min.) € 75.00

By reservation, and subject to availability, from 9.00 to 19.00.