Santa Cristina



ROAD Cycling AT Castello di santa cristina

Road cycling holidays in Italy

An ideal place for the road cycling enthusiasts. A beautiful area with no traffic and incredible sceneries to frame your ride. A challenging landscape full of hills and mountains if you want to earn your day on a bike. Lakes, ancient castles and renaissance palaces in a beautiful unspoiled countryside will mark your way while cycling. At the castle we offer bikes to rent, assistance and a professional guides who will make your road cycling holiday in Tuscany unforgettable.

MOUNTAIN BIKE at castello di santa cristina

MTB cycling holidays in Italy

A region full of craters of ex volcanoes filled by lakes and an incredibly beautiful countryside make this area an ideal spot for MTB rides . MTB cycling is very popular around us because of the fantastic opportunity this land offers to our riders. Our professional guide Massimo Ubaldini will lead you along the MTB cycling holiday in Tuscany of your dreams.